Ignition and Combustion

  • A flame front generator is a system in which a gas/air mixture is introduced at ground level and flows up a one-inch line to the pilot burner. After filling this line with the mixture it is ignited by a spark. The resulting flame travels to the top of the flare where the pilot burner is ignited.
  • Ignition of waste gas from pipe flares, air and steam assisted flares and ground flares. For most flare systems the pilot burner can not be accessed for service. Maintenance or replacement is not possible while the flare is in operation. To safeguard operation, Smitsvonk’s pilots provide reliable ignition and stable burning even under the most difficult climate conditions. Flame front ignition version of this product is also available
  • A gas fired igniter boasting compact design with an integrated spark transformer and ionization flame monitor/burner control, a convenient and built in flame rod, guaranteed electromagnetic compatibility, and a rugged low maintenance design that does not require an on-site high voltage cable. Igniters are made in sizes ranging from 2 kW to 10 MW (7000 BTU/hr to 35000000 BTU/hr), and fuel types are tailored to customer preference and analysis.
  • A gas burner boasting a rugged and low-maintenance design with guaranteed electromagnetic compatibility, easy-to-replace electrical components, built-in convenient flame rod, and does not require on-site high-voltage cables. Fuel types include natural gas, conditioned coke over gas, propane, butane, or process gas according to customer preference.
  • Ignition lance with high voltage cable, guided in a metal hose, for hazardous areas according NEC 500. This design boasts flexible customization for specific installation conditions as well as easily replaceable ignition tips which are specialized for ignition of HFO or at high pressure.
  • An oil fired igniter that showcases a compact design with integrated ignition module and ionization flame monitor/burner control with a built-in and convenient flame rod. This product also guarantees electromagnetic compatibility and also does not require on-site high-voltage cabling. Rugged and low maintenance in design, this product is able to accept extra light fuel in propane, butane, natural gas, or diesel forms. This product is also available for marine diesel operation.
  • This product features high reliability, low requirement for maintenance and simplicity of the few required connections and interfaces to ensure safe ignition of different gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. The Plasma Ignition System is usable for ignition of difficult to be ignited fuels like pulverized solid fuels (pre-dried lignite (PDL), hard coal and biomass) as well as gases, oils and special fuels. Additionally the ignition in low-oxygen or oxygen-free atmospheres is possible.
  • Self-aspirating gas fired igniters guarantee the reliable and safe ignition of main burners in furnaces and boilers if no air supply lines are available. SMITSVONK gas igniters can be equipped with one additional gas tube for increased heat release and flame stability.
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