Positively impacting the world’s most precious resources

Our products are made with the future in mind, and that’s why we offer monitoring equipment and services to assist your business in environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Benchmark Measurement Solutions, formerly Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc., is the worldwide leader in the application of field portable, laboratory, and online continuous process monitors for measuring and monitoring hydrocarbons in water. Our monitors are based in UV and visible fluorescence, imaging and ultrasonics technology.

Our company offers modern technology, certified equipment and reliable services tailored to the individual needs of our customers worldwide since 1948. Industry and traffic are today’s major sources of emissions. Using DURAG solutions you can precisely measure emissions from industrial plants and reliably monitor the air quality in tunnels.

Extrel, a Process Insights Brand, is the premiere supplier of real-time gas analyzers for process control, environmental monitoring, and cutting-edge laboratory research.

Extrel has focused exclusively on perfecting the use of quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas and ion analysis, resulting in a set of products known for affordability, exceptional performance, durability and ease-of-use.

We here at Sentry know that running an efficient operation isn’t easy. It requires thorough, careful analysis of controlled, real-time data achieved through reliable, accurate and repeatable process monitoring and measuring. Our products and services effectively condition, sample and measure gas, liquid, slurry, powder, solids, steam or water to help our customers obtain the critical insights they need to control and optimize their processes.

We believe that with improved data, engineers can make better and more informed decisions. Effective monitoring of gas/liquid separators can improve safety and profitability of an asset.

If process failures are not quickly detected, contaminants such as liquids, solids and hydrates can enter the export line leading to compensation claims or even closure of a tie-back, causing downtime for all assets linked to the tie-back. Significant remediation costs can be incurred.

Slick Sleuth oil spill monitors and detectors are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for real-time detection of oil leaks and spills on fresh, brackish, or saltwater, as well as ground and normally-dry surfaces. In the event of an oil spill or leak, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification, enabling users to contain accidental spills and avert costly environmental damage, cleanup, mitigation expenses, and regulatory penalties.