Self-Aspirating Gas Fired Igniters

Self-aspirating gas fired igniters guarantee the reliable and safe ignition of main burners in furnaces and boilers if no air supply lines are available. SMITSVONK gas igniters can be equipped with one additional gas tube for increased heat release and flame stability.



Self-aspirating gas fired igniters guarantee the reliable and safe ignition of main burners in furnaces and boilers if no air supply lines are available. SMITSVONK gas igniters of size Ø38 mm can be equipped with one additional gas tube for increased heat release and flame stability.

The design is insensitive to moisture as the initial ignition is based on the proven high energy ignition technology of SMITSVONK. Integrated long-lasting spark plugs and ionisation electrodes assure a long service life with a minimum of downtime for maintenance.

The intake of combustion air is easily  adjusted at all models. If needed the conversion to a forced-air gas fired igniter is possible with little effort.


  • Insensitive to pressure fluctuations
  • For all kind of gases and pressures
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • ATEX and IECEx approved versions for hazardous area use
  • Rugged design for harsh environmental conditions


Ignition of main burners in furnaces, boilers, incinerators in

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Power plants

Technical Data

Tube diameter 38 mm
Tube length (L) 400 – 3000 mm, in steps of 100, 200 and 500 mm
Air inlet position (A) ≥300 mm, in steps of 10 mm
Additional gas tubes 1
Connection to main burner Mounting flange, 1,5″ ANSI 150 lbs RF
Gas connection 1/2″ NPTF (flange optional)
Air connection Optional (1/2″ BSPF provided)
Electrical connection 2x M20, for ignition and flame detection
Ignition High energy ignition, 1 spark plug, integrated
Flame detection Ionisation electrode, integrated
Material enclosure / tube Stainless steel: 310, 321
Material connection Stainless steel: 316
Perm. temperature range -40…+80°C
Version for use with Natural gas Propane
Type designation 38AV… 38PV…
Heat release (min – max) 17 – 29 kW 24 – 39 kW
Minimum pressure 0.5 barg 0.5 barg
Maximum pressure 1.5 barg 1.5 barg


Additional information


Ø38mm, Ø48.3mm, Ø54mm


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