BB DISCOCHECK Dual-Plate Check Valves

With a low pressure drip and excellent sealing, dual-plate check valves prevent the risk of backflow in liquid and gas lines.

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Maximize operating efficiencies and reduce costs

BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves are designed especially for systems or applications where there is low-pressure drop. These check valves prevent backflow in horizontal and vertical pipelines. They are wafer-type valves with a double swing design, two hinge pins, and four springs. BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves can be used with a wide range of liquid, gas, and vapor systems.


  • Ideal for gas and liquid applications
  • Optimized flow to reduce energy loss
  • Low wear operation with long service life
  • Stable operation to suit a wide range of operating conditions
  • Anti-corrosion linings stopping debris build-up
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