Check Valves

  • With a low pressure drip and excellent sealing, dual-plate check valves prevent the risk of backflow in liquid and gas lines.
  • The swing-plate check valve is a cost-effective way to prevent backflow in your pipelines and other industrial applications for use with a wide range of fluids such as gases, liquids and steams.
  • Wafer-type non-return (check) valves with spring, for installation in any position. Ideal for liquids, gases, and vapor applications. GESTRA's RK (wafer-type) non-return valves are for sandwiching between flanges. The valve has a spring to allow installation in any position. The valve self-centering body uses patented centering cams for RK 86/ RK 86A which make installation easier and faster – reducing costs. Our RK non-return valves are ideal for liquids, gases, and vapor applications.
  • SBO gravity circulation check valves are installed downstream or upstream in heating and hot water installations to prevent gravity circulation. This ensures that the heating system works correctly, reliably, and at highest efficiency, reducing costs.


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