• With a low pressure drip and excellent sealing, dual-plate check valves prevent the risk of backflow in liquid and gas lines.
  • The swing-plate check valve is a cost-effective way to prevent backflow in your pipelines and other industrial applications for use with a wide range of fluids such as gases, liquids and steams.
  • Benchmark Measurement Solutions is proud to present the CF-200 Algae Monitor. Using the C-Fluor fluorescence probe, the online monitor is fully integrated and ready to detect Chlorophyll A in fresh or sea water.
  • The Sentry Cobra C manual gas sampler collects representative samples from gas and liquid short-chain hydrocarbon applications. This emission-free sampler uses a multi-ported valve. This valve simplifies the process of taking a sample. Additionally, it keeps the sample's integrity and handles environmental risks.
  • The Sentry Cobra DT closed loop sampler is designed to perform a detector tube measurement as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. The Cobra DT sampler is designed with safety in mind, with a high-pressure regulator providing operators with a means to lower pressure to a safe level before inserting the detector tube. The 1000 cc cylinder allows a large volume of gas to be chambered so the operator can draw a fresh sample through the detector tube allowing a representative measurement to be collected.
  • The Sentry Cobra SS manual liquid sampler allows for safe and straightforward petroleum and natural gas sampling. The sampler design ensures a representative sample through direct connections to your lines. This Sentry low-emission sampler stands up to water corrosion and meets the highest quality and reliability standards required of petroleum sampling equipment.
  • Save energy and control your cooling-water return temperature with GESTRA's self-acting mechanical control valve CW (GESTRAMAT). GESTRA's CW cooling-water control valves (GESTRAMAT) help you to save energy by reducing the cooling-water flow to a minimum, and keeping the discharge temperature to the maximum permissible value. These control valves are self-acting and sense the discharge temperature by the integral regulator, so you can reduce operating costs.
  • Suitability-tested and certified impact pressure system to measure velocity and volume flow of dry flue gas or process gas in pipes or ducts.
  • Suitability tested and certified ultrasonic measuring system to measure the velocity and the volume flow of flue gas or process gas in pipes or ducts, especially for wet and aggressive smoke emissions.
  • Measuring system for continuous evaluation of flow velocity and flow direction in tunnels. Ultrasonic sensors for tunnel ventilation control system. Reliable measurement across the tunnel profile. Two identical sensors alternately transmit and receive ultrasonic pulses. The system evaluates the transition times dependent on direction and calculates flow speed. D-FL 220T requires extremely low maintenance.
  • Digital Furnace Camera delivers brilliant live video directly out of the combustion chamber. Available in air or water cooled versions for process temperatures up to 2000°C. The D-FS 50 can be combined with the D-VT 50 Video System or the D-VTA 200 Thermography Analysis System.
  • The digital furnace sensor D-FS2 delivers high definition live images directly out of the combustion chamber. The D-FS2 VIS with high resolution colour video is available as water or air cooled version. The furnace sensor D-FS2 is designed for the use with a retraction unit. All versions can be extended with the D-VTA 200 software to a thermography and analysis system.


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