sample coolers

  • The Sentry TRW sample cooler cools a sample from a process stream. It may seem simple, but it is a uniquely designed small tube in a shell heat exchanger. The sample to be cooled flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid, usually water, flows through the shell side. The cooled sample then is taken to a laboratory for analysis or piped to in-line process instrumentation for continuous monitoring of properties such as conductivity, pH or other chemical constituents
  • The Sentry W9000 Series sample coolers are designed for small volume hot water samples. The efficient counterflow design provides cooling for samples up to 750°F (399°C) and 3500 psig (241.3 barg), and the simplicity provides maximum cooling at minimal cost. With a compact design, simple installation and high quality materials, the W9000 Series sample coolers are the best low capacity option for small volume hot water samplers of water or other liquids.


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