Hazardous Conditions

  • The TD-2500 combines ultrasonics and a time-tested insertion probe to offer the ultimate in early detection of high concentrations, or slugs, of oil in waste water. Ultrasonic technology measures oil at high concentrations, typically seen after oil/water separation, is sensitive to droplets, solids or gas bubbles and is easier to maintain than optical technologies.
  • The TD-4100XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous online oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petrochemical, mining, and other industries that require robust online hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid or wall mounted and constructed of 316 stainless steel.
  • The TD-4100XDC is a closed cell version of the rugged, world industry standard TD-4100XD Oil in Water Monitor. It was designed for normally clean water applications or dirty water applications where fouling can be controlled by chemical injection or optional onboard cleaning systems. It utilizes a clear tube flow cell to contain the sample water at pressure to prevent oxygen contamination in steam systems and to return the sample to the process at pressure. It uses a unique internal cell condition monitor to alert operations of the need for cleaning or to trigger the optional onboard cleaning system. As with all Benchmark Measurement Solutions monitors, it includes a field validation method.
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