Manual Sampling

Sample hazardous process streams safely by minimizing the escape of harmful vapors and chemicals with our portfolio of low-emission liquid and gas samplers engineered for refining and petrochemical environments.

  • The Sentry Cobra C manual gas sampler collects representative samples from gas and liquid short-chain hydrocarbon applications. This emission-free sampler uses a multi-ported valve. This valve simplifies the process of taking a sample. Additionally, it keeps the sample's integrity and handles environmental risks.
  • The Sentry Cobra DT closed loop sampler is designed to perform a detector tube measurement as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. The Cobra DT sampler is designed with safety in mind, with a high-pressure regulator providing operators with a means to lower pressure to a safe level before inserting the detector tube. The 1000 cc cylinder allows a large volume of gas to be chambered so the operator can draw a fresh sample through the detector tube allowing a representative measurement to be collected.
  • The Sentry Cobra SS manual liquid sampler allows for safe and straightforward petroleum and natural gas sampling. The sampler design ensures a representative sample through direct connections to your lines. This Sentry low-emission sampler stands up to water corrosion and meets the highest quality and reliability standards required of petroleum sampling equipment.
  • Sentry DPA Series offers easy-to-use drip pot assemblies to collect samples within a pipeline or other pressurized system for the purpose of examining and measuring corrosion products and other contaminants, without interruption to the system. Drip pot assemblies collect the samples for analysis using a container with an interior reservoir for receiving a liquid sample, and a valve assembly coupled to the drip pot.
  • The Sentry MCG sampler is a closed-loop sampler for sampling gas. Closed-loop cylinder sampling is the safest and most effective way to obtain and transport representative samples of gases without danger to the operator or environment. A continuous flow assures representative sampling.


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