Automatic Sampling

From industrial, food grade, hygienic to 3-A standards, our automatic samplers remove human bias to collect representative samples for liquid, slurry, powder or solid sampling applications.

  • The Sentry ISOLOK SAL-DBB automatic point sampler collects representative liquid and slurry samples in harsh operating conditions, such as oil sand mining. Safety, reliability, convenience and ease of service are all designed into this sampler, which features patented double block and bleed technology.
  • The Sentry ISOLOK SAL-Q automatic point sampler is a heavy-duty, isolatable sampler using ISOLOK proven technology and suitable for oil sands and other mining applications. The Sentry ISOLOK SAL-Q sampler employs the industry-proven Delta double block and bleed, ANSI-rated knife gate valve to isolate the sampler from the process line when the sampler needs servicing.  


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