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  • Save energy and control your cooling-water return temperature with GESTRA's self-acting mechanical control valve CW (GESTRAMAT). GESTRA's CW cooling-water control valves (GESTRAMAT) help you to save energy by reducing the cooling-water flow to a minimum, and keeping the discharge temperature to the maximum permissible value. These control valves are self-acting and sense the discharge temperature by the integral regulator, so you can reduce operating costs.
  • GESTRA's GCV general-purpose control valves are engineered to provide solutions for steam, condensate, and other industrial fluid, as well as gas applications and processes. These general-purpose control valves reliably and precisely control temperature and pressure within your processes.¬†GCV valves are available with electric or pneumatic actuator, positioners, and compressed air filter/regulators.
  • Self-acting pressure controls are easy to install and use. They enable you to manage the pressures needed for your applications, and ensure that your system is running efficiently and safely.
  • GESTRA's Clorius system is a self-acting temperature control that are easy to use and install for various applications in your heating or cooling system including¬†including industrial plants, building plants and marine equipment.

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