About Us

Benchmark is a Canadian-based, employee owned measurement solution company. We began building a reputation of trust and respect in 1996 as a small manufacturer’s representative of analytical equipment.  Over the years we have found success by growing strategically to strengthen our position in the market, ensuring customers can count on us to be there for the long haul.  We are committed to responsible business practices and service to our communities. We do this by working together with our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders every day to conquer the most difficult and hazardous measurement challenges. Our employees are passionate about their work and are dedicated to providing a real impact on your business results.  We proudly engage a culture of accountability, respect and diversity.

Benchmark's primary objective is to create a real impact in the primary industrial markets by delivering a consistently distinctive experience to all of our stakeholders. In 2013 we expanded to a new facility to take on significantly more complex and demanding projects.

At Benchmark, we know that our behaviour affects all of our stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers and partners. We work to be a responsible partner to all who place their trust in us. Our customers require, and we are committed to providing, the highest safety standards while continually working towards improving all areas of our business.

Brad Ham’s book Ownership Thinking: How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose and Profit has provided the inspiration, principles and foundation for Benchmark’s continuous improvement program. By engaging our highly motivated employees on the basics of business operations, we have effectively enhanced the landscape of our workplace, making Benchmark an exceptional place to work!

Our Community

We encourage volunteerism and support charitable giving. We hope to inspire our friends and coworkers to extend a helping hand and make a lasting difference in our communities. We know the value of giving back and that by working together we achieve more not to mention have fun in the process!  Here are just a few of the charities Benchmark supports.